My Bucket List for World Adventures

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My wish list for a lifetime of world adventures may be different from yours. I prefer both the classic, iconic experiences like Route 66 but I also have a dream for something unique like taking a river cruise to the remote areas of Burma. If you are interested in where I want to go, let`s start

Transsiberian Railway

The mother of all journeys, the longest railway in the world. 9289 kilometers of rails, adventures and sharp Siberian nature. From Moscow to Russia Far East, or you can choose some other rail lines and pass Mongolia on the way and end up in Beijing. Several options, every single one is a tempting one. Little advice: Apparently, it is a much richer cultural experience if you travel the opposite way – from east to west – that way you meet much more local people and fewer tourists.

part of silk road

My dream World Adventures from Europe to Asia : Silk Route

The most important trade path of ancient (and some other) times can be done in several different ways and routes. Every era developed its own route. In 2014 Silk Route was declared as UNESCO World Heritage site – no wonder why. Since Silk Route offers many many options I am pretty sure everyone can find something appealing – I definitely will!

Watching dolphin in Irrawaddy

Myanmar was open to tourists shortly for a few years and I did not have a chance to make this experience happen. The dolphins live in the remote part of Irrawaddy river and not able to see it by taking a big cruise. The local people said visitors should take a boat upstream from Mandalay for 2 days and join local fishermen in the morning to behold the dolphin swimming.

Hippie trail

Another epic overland journey with its roots in 60´s hippie’s culture. Hippies started their alternative low-budget journey in Europe from where they traveled to Istanbul, where the route divides. The northern route is most commonly used, it leads through Iran and ends in India and Nepal. Another alternative is a southern route, which takes you through Syria, Jordan and Iraq – this one is unfortunately not doable at the moment. Hippie trail ends in Kathamandu, where you can still find Freak Street, a great reminder of some other, different times.

Orient Express

Legendary Orienet Express ran since 1883 from Paris, France to Istanbul Turkey via Strasbourg, Vienna and Budapest. However, there were many different routes of Orient Express operated in different periods of time. Famous Agatha Christie novel Murder on the Orienet Express is set on Simplon Orient Express, connecting Paris and Istanbul via Venice, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia. The golden age of train travel must have been a magnificent era that inspired many stories, novels and movies. The Orient Express, unfortunately, stopped operating in 2009, but the legacy of Orinet Express and the network of rails remained. Why not take another adventurous journey in Agatha Christie style?

route 66

Route 66

What to tell about the most infamous American Route? Route 66, also called Mother Road connects Chicago with Los Angeles, and crosses 8 states and 3 timezones. Only parts of the original Route 66 are drivable today since it has been replaced by interstate highways. Approximately 88% of the original route is still in use. There is even one single Cafe, that is still operating since 1923 – Lou Mitchell’s Café in Chicago. Why not rent a corvette and make a historical trip throughout the USA?

Pan Americana

I know this one is hard to beat in one piece, therefore break it in a few adventurous journeys. Because… why not? The longest road on the Earth even got it to the Guinness world record book with its 48 000 kilometers of the road network. Starting in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and ending in the most southern city in the world, Ushuaia, Argentina. Let´s be honest, it is not possible to do the whole Panamericana in one piece, between Central and South America there is Darién Gap, a chunk of jungle that breaks Pan American highway for approximately 100 kilometers.

Australia North to South – The Ghan

I believe the route from Sydney to Perth is much more popular, but even the transcontinental Ghan route shouldn´t be missed out. 2979 kilometers of off-the-beaten-track journey of the Australian outback will take you from Adelaide through Alice Springs to Darwin. In three days and two nights, you can enjoy the Australia red central wilderness. Stop in Alice Spring’s for a few days and make a trip to amazing Uluru, the largest monolith in the world.

Grand Africa Tour

Grand Africa tour runs from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa. The greatest African adventure will take you through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. There are countless possibilities on the way – from climbing Kilimanjaro to diving with the great white sharks, from white water rafting on the Nile river to African safari – what more could you wish for?

world adventures

Across Canada by train

On my list of world adventures, I put a train ride through the huge country of Canada but I am not a fan of train travel. However, I do think viewing the spectacular from the train`s window will be something exceptional, especially in Canada. Did you know Toronto is closer to London than to Vancouver? Yep, it is THAT big! One option to travel through Canada is to hop on the train in Toronto and travel with it all the way up to Vancouver in 4 nights and 5 days. You can also do a few extra stops in the cities on the way.

West Africa Cruise

From South Africa to Morocco! I am not a cruise fan at all, actually, I have never been on a cruise or even sailing – yikes (we´ll correct that fact later this year I hope). But when I heard about this West Africa cruise I raised my eyebrows immediately. But when I saw photos – I was hooked! Unique landscapes, long forgotten by the rest of the world and less traveled roads. From historical west African ports to local life to UNESCO world heritage sites and much much more.

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