Top things to do in Macau

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Macau is a fascinating territory of China. It is not far from Hongkong and used to be Portuguese colony until 1997. The whole centre is recognized as Unesco World Heritage Sites which makes it appealing for visitors.

How to travel to Macau

The easiest way to reach Macau is to take a ferry from Hong Kong. You can also take flights which is very short as well.

macau postcard

Top things to do in Macau : Guia Lighthouse

One of the most loveliest buildings in Macau has to be the Guia Lighthouse with its white painted walls on top of the Guia Hill. This is probably the most visible landmark in the area and has stood here for over 300 years. First built by the Portuguese, the lighthouse was used to warn the dangers for their traders but to warn locals of the pirates and Dutch navy boats which like to sail nearby. There is a small tunnel underneath the lighthouse worth checking out but for me it has to be the viewpoint over the city which took my breath away (also the lighthouse was very photogenic to me as well).

The view point from Guia Hill

Macau’s highest point is worth coming up to, not just to see the lighthouse but there are other viewpoints to take in as well. It is so calm and peaceful here and a pleasant area to walk around and maybe catch a tan. I walked up the hill (which was a challenge in the heat) and loved every minute of it, passing locals doing their things like playing chess, running and Tai-Chi but there is a lazy way of getting up and down and that’s by taking the cable car on the north western side of the hill.

The ruins of St Paul

In Portuguese ‘Ruínas de São Paulo’, the facade and mosaic floor are all that remain of Macau’s church which is located on top of a steep flight of stone steps and I noticed it is being propped up by a viewing platform at the rear. Most of the church was destroyed when a massive typhoon hit the area in the 1830’s to which it caught fire.

macau temple

Things to not miss in Macau : A-Ma temple

The local people believe A Ma temple is the most sacred site in the area. It is also listed as a Unesco Heritage site. What makes it special comes not only from its architect but the values it presents. There are influences of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and folk beliefs reflected through the buildings.

Largo do Senado

To check out Portuguese buildings and street pavings then check out the street named Largo do Senado. There are plenty of brightly painted colonial building and the typical psychedelic paving makes this a photographer’s heaven.

macau tower

Macau Tower

another amazing place to get views over Macau but if feeling adventurous (like I wasn’t on this particular day) visitors can do a skywalk around the outer rim or do a bungee jump. Standing at 338 meters tall (1,107 ft) and taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris all I can say it’s frigging high up there so have fun.

The House of Dancing Water

For me this is the best theatre show in the world. I first saw this a few months before I came here on an American television game show called ‘The Amazing Race’ and thought I must see this. Once I bought tickets (online of course to guarantee my seats) and walked into the City of Dreams resort where the show is performed, I was watching an incredible spectacle of gymnasts and dancers diving into the cold water which for most of the show becomes the stage. Created by a guy who also worked with Cirque du Soleil, the lighting, music, visual effects and one of the highlights, the motorbike stunts, this is one amazing show which must be seen!

Sample the street foods

The foods of Macau represent the highlighted China cuisine with local twists. There is a feast for your eyes with living street foods full of dim sum, chop bun or various noodles. It may not be as famous as Hong Kong but it is really worth.